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New Lecture Monday April 16th!

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Have you always wanted to catch the sort of fish that you see on TV or like those on the left?

Even if you live in Perth and work so hard that you never get to find out what’s being caught, we can help you make the most of your fishing time and soon you’ll be catching the fish you want.

If you struggle to find fish in Perth, you’re not alone. About 85% of all Perth anglers spend most of their time catching nothing but small fish or blowies. It’s not their fault, they just don’t know the secrets ... and that’s where Steve can help.

Regular lectures take everyone from experienced to completely "green" fishos and give them new secrets, solid basics and lots of fishing fun.

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photo of big tailor
photo of big snapper

Steve Correia's Twitter Fishing Report

Click through to Steve's Fishing Reports here.

It's done via Twitter. If you join Twitter, you can get live fishing reports as they come in from all over Australia.

"There's no one better to learn the basics from. We'll keep you updated on our progress mate. Gonna be out again soon, I've got the bug." Jordache Myerscough after Steve showed him how to catch 60 tailor in one afternoon @ North Mole - catch and release