Steve began training as a professional photographer in his late teens and in his early twenties got involved in the newly forming Internet and web programming. After a short time he developed a website about his passion, fishing in Western Australia, and this became the most popular of its type in Australia. The design model was even put into some university texts as an example of a successful website design.

From the website grew the Fishing WA Television series (on Channel Nine Perth) and Fishing Wild Australia (on National Nine Australia). Foxtel has also been running FWA for the last 10 years every Saturday morning. The series was fresh, new and exciting, using small crews and no real plan. Each day’s filming was an adventure that was brought to the screen without much gloss but with lots of excitement.

Steve was involved in the production and filming of the first 6 successful series, all rating better than any fishing show ever had in WA, before leaving in 2006 after completing over 100 shows as the presenter and director. The Fishing WA Magazine was started in 2002 and is still going now. During the first 5 years as the editor, he wrote and photographed over 400 fishing articles, making him the most prolific fishing writer in Australia at the time.

After taking leave from TV and selling Fishing WA, Steve wrote his first book, “How To Catch A Fish”. The book is 80,000 words in length and over 150 pages, with 200 photos including underwater shots of almost every species. It was written as a response from people on the street who were constantly asking for fishing advice and better books than what was already out there. It has already sold many thousands of copies in WA and is almost sold out forever.

For the past 3 years, Steve has been the CEO and part owner of LocoTV and you can see all of his new fishing shows online by clicking here.

You can sign up for his popular lectures here.

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steve with a cobia from dampier

One of Steve's favourite fish - a cobia caught from Dampier

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Who is Steve Correia?

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