These are some of my favourite sections from the book. I hope you enjoy reading them and you're inspired to go out and buy a copy. You can use this practical information to literally go out and catch the fish in question. However, there's still no substitute for a lesson to help you learn precisely how to go about it ... as well as some killer spots too of course!

You'll need a PDF Reader to read these pages. If you don't have Adobe Reader you can download it free here.


Everyone's favourite high leaping highlight film


Which West Aussie fisho doesn't want to catch a big dhuie

Spanish Mackerel

Line burning drag racer with teeth from a horror film


The shore based angler's holy grail

Pink Snapper

One of the trickiest fish to target from a boat but the most rewarding


Stupid? Yes, but loads of fun!

Stocks are low and you can now only find How To Catch A Fish @ Ranger Outdoors Joondalup.

You can learn from Steve live during one of his lectures by clicking here ...

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