Next to tailor, dolphinfish or mahi mahi are my next best specialty fish. There’s nothing like the sight of one of the world’s great light tackle sportfish, leaping high from the cobalt ocean before tearing off a hundred metres on a line burning run.

We’re so lucky in Perth to have the FADs program and such a great fish right on our doorstep.

The catch? You have to travel quite some distance beyond Rottnest to catch them and, when you turn up and they aren’t cooperating, suddenly you’ve got nothing but a fuel bill to show for it.

however, during our lectures we often talk about FADs fishing and targeting the mahi mahi or dolphinfish.

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aaron with a dolphinfish

Aaron was stoked with his first dolphinfish caught after
Steve taught him about
The FADs

glen with a huge dhufish

First day, first cast, 2 kilo tackle and one huge smile

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FADs / Dolphinfish Fishing Lessons

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