Anyone that’s seen my TV shows will know that big tailor are my specialty. I just love getting stuck into the swell with my boat, pushing the edges of the whitewash to see if any jumbos are at home.

It’s not too hard to find 30cm tailor in the river, or even 35cm tailor from the beach, but how do you go about finding 2 kilo plus fish?

Well, technique is everything, from casting through to picking exactly where the fish will sit to ambush their prey. You really have to know where the fish are and land a bait or lure on their nose.

So which bait and what lure? A-ha!

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Paul with an 8 pounder
from Steve's secret spot
off Fremantle

Jacko couldn't believe
fish this big lived off
the coast of Perth

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Big Tailor Fishing Lessons

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