Lure fishing is now part of almost every angler's regular arsenal. If you haven't looked into fishing with lures, you could be missing opportunities to catch new or better fish.

Above, you find links to some reviews of lures I find very useful and below I've prepared a guide to choosing lures for a northern fishing holiday.

Barra are notorious lure smashers and for them you’ll never go wrong with deep diving minnows. Anything with a big bib and some rattle is an ideal barra lure but certainly live baits do catch more barramundi most days. If you do use lures, work them slowly as barra don’t like a fast chase.

Cobes are a perfect target for any lure fisherman wanting to have the time of their lives. Many are caught trolling and even jigging but the way to hunt cobia is to find yourself a manta ray. These bizarre fish like to catch a ride on the manta’s wings and will zoom out to tackle any prey wandering along, blissfully unaware of the exocet missiles hidden under the cover of the ray. Lures such as the River2Sea Triho Min180, Halco Laser Pro 1m and Bomber Long A are perfect.

Coral Trout
Trout are very aggressive feeders and almost always hang around coral reefs, either hidden in a hole, sitting in a channel of a reef or under a ledge. This means you have to get down to them and jigging soft plastics, traditional leadheads and metals will allow you to explore the nooks and crannies of a reef in search of this hard charger. If you ain’t losing lures then you ain’t getting down to the trout!

Spanish Mackerel
Spaniards are certainly going to be taken on trolling minnows if they’re up and active. Your best bet here is a fast trolling option and my favourite is the Halco Laser Pro 190DDs which swim straight even after several brutal mackie attacks. Having said that, tons of suitable trolling lure are available at any tackle store.

Queenies are usually taken on lures but sometimes from shore they are very fussy and live hardyheads are the only thing they’ll attack with any gusto. Mostly, however, lures are fine and both poppers on the top and leadheads to pull through the dirt are perfect. Work the lures slowly, even though the queenies are speed demons, and really let the lure puff up some sand. Minnows should be avoided because the trebles will destroy the fish’s gills which are very close to their mouth.

Giant Trevally
No need to waste time with baits on the GTs, they’ll take any lure but they just can’t resist and big, chugging popper worked slowly with plenty of spray. When choosing a popper look for the biggest cup face you can find because the more noise and splash you can make, the more the GTs will go crazy. Surecatch make a nice range of big boy’s toys but the best would be Halco’s new big daddy Roosta (the most durable) and River2Sea’s massive dumbbell which is certainly the best GT attractor, but they’re prone to being ripped apart by big fish.

Yellowfin Tuna
Tuna can certainly be cubed while drifting or at anchor but it’s often hard to get a school to stick around long enough to get any action. For this reason most people choose to troll for yellowfin and the decision is always surface pushers (skirted lures) vs minnows. The easy answer is to run both but I certainly find I get more strikes on lures run deeper, in particular the Halco Laser Pro 190DD in red/white and the pilchard pattern.

Golden and Gold Spot Trevally
Baits will most likely take more golden trevs but they’re very aggressive fish and it’s rare to need anything other than lures. To choose which, you have to look at where the fish are feeding. Are you working flats? You best choice there would be traditional white leadheads worked through the dirt or perhaps poppers, but they can start to chase poppers and not strike. In deeper water you can still use the leadheads but also try metal slices, keeping the size down to the smallest practical jig that will handle the current in the area.


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aaron with a dolphinfish

Tailor are a prime candidate for
lures and you generally get
bigger and better
fish when
using them compared to baits

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